If you keep a quite good knowledge of the games, then you might know that recently a shortage game named Rush Wars has launched on 26 August 2019. Since the game has marked its present only application stores, the people are going crazy about playing it. The game is right now only available info countries that are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Finland. It may bring a feeling of sadness among some of the players but don’t worry as you can have a look over the Homescapes Review to play it. It is because the date of the games global release has been not revealed yet. But if you have already downloaded the game and dad wondering how to play it then let me assist you with some of its fascinating elements.So without taking much time here let’s just beer down to its features.

In the game to recruit anything, you would require spending gold. For example, it requires are a total of 200 gold coins to start the research for building the troops. Therefore, it is essential to build a base of the gold mine and gather the funds. However, if somehow you are out of gold, then you have the option of making the use of Rush Wars cheats. 

Gold mines

When you construct a gold mine in the game, then each of them will consist of three buildings to produce the gold. On the meeting one of the anything you get a star. On getting the stars, you will be able to collect the new card and defense for your army. Thereby, you can increase your level in the game.

Main strategy

Now, some players get mistaken with the fact that they only require a second the other players, but at the same time, they forget to protect theirs from attack. However, it is not the way the game should be played. Instead of thinking to attack your opponent base, you should pay attention to your defense. There are two types of defense you can go for first is the active one, and the second is the passive one. The active defense system consists of troops, whereas the passive defense system will have the defense towers. Using these you can protect your gold mines from being robbed. However, the funds can also be grabbed by utilizing the Rush Wars cheats in the game.

So all in all, Rush Wars is a pretty good strategy game that can do good element for the leisure hours. Make your strategies different from the other and conquer the opponents’ base easily.