Dirtybit recently the most trending arcade game named Fun Run 3. It is a multiplayer game in that you are totally free to play all with your friends and all other players also. The game is played by more than over 100 million players all across the world. In the same game, there is a plethora of different races present which the gamers have to play and win as to make progress in Fun Run 3.

Now, the main concept about the game is that it contains mainly two main types of currency named coins and gems. All players have to earn coins and gems in order to perform all necessary tasks and activities in Fun Run 3. If they have currency in Fun Run 3, then they become able to complete all significant tasks, compete in various challenges and take participate in events also.

2 types of currency

Here you are going to meet with the major 2 types of in-game currency. The first type of currency in Fun Run 3 is coins which are common and earned easily by completing events, challenges, or objectives. Another type of currency is in the form of gems which they earn by winning more number of races in Fun Run 3. It is crucial for the Fun Run 3 players to understand everything about currency and then use all the ways to earn them in good amount.

Methods to earn currency

Given below are the easy ways to earn currency in coins and gems. Some of the main ways are mentioned below –

•         Gamers earn coins as well as gems by applying Fun Run 3 Hack.

•         They also connect Facebook to earn currency and rewards in Fun Run 3.

So, via these entire classic and stunning methods, one can easily make progress in Fun Run 3 without putting enough efforts.